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Charcoal painting, portrait and reproduction from photos


Hi my name is Patinya
I am originally from Thailand and live in Perth, Western Australia. I’m a professional charcoal painter specialized in portraits and reproduction of pictures

For all my artwork, I use Chinese brushes, a specific blended charcoal powder and fine drawing paper. I love this kind of painting technique because it allows me to put a lot more details. I gently brush layers by layers of charcoal powder which blend with the paper creating a life lasting artwork.

I put a lot of feeling and take great pride in my work as I always try to meet the diverse needs of my customers and I am eager to do the same for you. My greatest satisfaction is to see the face of peoples light up when I present them with their finished painting.

I can draw any kind of subjects like:

  • Family Members and Beloved Ones
  • Children
  • Celebrities
  • Animals and Pets
  • Nude
  • Landscape, House, Cars…only your imagination will be the limit

If you ever wanted make to yourself or somebody else a wonderful gift, please browse my web site and contact me if you need to know more information or you want to commission a painting.

Thank you


Click on the logo below to go to my Facebook page. This is the place where you can visit to find out what I’m up to and see my latest painting. Please feel free to interact with me by posting your personal messages, feedbacks or comments. Thank you.

find me on facebook

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